Org. Registration

Vinzons Hill Tambayan Complex

Org. Activities

  • Form 1.1 - Faculty Adviser/s. (Print OSA Form 10, and submit a hard copy)
  • Form 2 - Financial Statement. ( via Bukluran by out-going Officers)
  • Forms 3 and 4 - Officer and Member RosterUse webmail Address (e.g.,, no dots (.)and/or underscores (_)Upload UP I.D. of officers and members in .jpg or .png file format. No Form 5s.For the confirmation, print (print screen) one copy of completed Form 3and 4 for the signature of officers and members. E-signatures are not accepted.*For new orgs: 20 Officers and members with i.d. and signature. For renewing orgs: 15 officers and members with i.d. and signature.
  • Form 5 - Accomplishment Report; Submit AAF for off campus activities from last AY.
  • Form 6 - Calendar of Activities; ( via Bukluran)
  • Form 7 – Acknowledgment; (via Bukluran)


Registration Forms

The registration forms shall be filled-up on-line through the use of the Bukluran Program or any other similar program, as per approval of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

  • Form 1 - Information Sheet. Contains all pertinent information describing the organization. This includes the organizations full name, acronym, date established/ founding date, category (see Org Clusters), incorporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mailing address or tambayan, permanent and head's email addresses, and Org description/ vision/ mission.

Form 1.1 - Faculty Adviser/s. The faculty adviser is any full- time member of the UP Diliman Faculty or REPS with teaching load, consenting to the following responsibilities:

  1. Assume full responsibility for the performance and activity of the organization;
    1. Be present during all activities, or, if not available, will send a representative in her/his stead;
    2. Monitor closely the activities of the organization;
  2. Conduct monthly dialogue/conference/lecture, etc. with the officers and members of the organization on topics of value and interest to them (copy of the activities to be submitted to OSA);
  3. In case the organization violates the rules and regulations of the University, S/He will assist in locating the violator(s);
  4. In case the members of the organization are victims of any confrontation, S/He will discourage retaliatory action;
  5. In case the members of the organization of which S/He is an adviser are the erring ones, will accompany them to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs for the truce; and
  6. Perform other responsibilities stated in the Organization’s Constitution and by-laws.
    (Print OSA Form 10, and submit a hard copy)
  • Form 2 - Financial Statement. A brief report of the finances of the organization.
    • For organizations that are financially supported by other units (e.g. church, alumni, scholarship, etc.) statement of the organization's expenses shall be listed and the donor or source of funding should be specified.
      ( via Bukluran)
  • Forms 3 and 4 - Officer and Member Roster; updated roster of all officers and members for the current academic year, Official UP email Address (e.g., , Alternate Email Address, Position, Contact Number, Student Number (e.g. 2000-00001), Course (e.g., BS Mathematics) and College (e.g., College of Science). Upload UP I.D. of officers and members in .jpg or .png file format.
    (via Bukluran. For the confirmation, print one copy of completed Form 3and 4 for the signature of officers and members. E-signatures are not accepted.)
  • Form 5 - Accomplishment Report; list of short narrative report of projects or activities undertaken during the previous Academic Year (including Mid-Year Term) as recorded through the submitted Activity Approval Forms.
    (via AAF Trak)
  • Form 6 - Calendar of Activities; proposed schedule of activities or projects to be undertaken during the current Academic Year (including Mid Year Term).
    (via Bukluran)
  • Form 7 – Acknowledgment; this form certifies to the correctness and completeness of the documents submitted by the organization for their registration.
    (via Bukluran)

Note: Any change in the above information must be reported within one (1) week to the OSA. The officers shall be held liable under the provisions covering the 2012 Code of Student Conduct for failure to comply with the requirements and/or any misrepresentation or submission of any false information in the registration process.

Org Orientation

New and returning [those orgs which have not registered the prior year(s)]MUST attend the orientation. OSA may require the attendance of all organizations in special cases.

The orientation is a half-day seminar designed to introduce and inform the student orgs of the procedures and processes for org registration by the Office of Student Activities (OSA). Representatives from other administrative units, such as the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Community Affairs (OVCCA), and Technology Transfer and Brand Development Office (TTBDO), which are involved in the processing and approval of activity requests are also present to inform and explain to the student orgs the guidelines of their respective offices. It is also a venue for the students to directly ask questions and seek clarifications from the relevant offices on registration procedures and activity requests approval.

Attendance in the org orientation is a MUST for a) new, and b) old orgs who have not been registered the prior year(s). In some cases, like last year’s (2014-2015) org orientation, all orgs were required to attend as that was the first time other offices had been invited to present and answer queries from the student orgs.

We require the head of the org to be the one to attend the orientation, or if s/he’s not available, the next highest-ranking officer. We require the attendance of the highest-ranking officer(s) because of the nature and objective of the orientation. It is expected that they can immediately and effectively communicate the concerns of the organization to the offices and relay the response to their members.

(For AY 17-18, ALL Organizations must attend the Orientation.  Schedule and early registration shall be announced soon.)

Personal appearance (by appointment)

After filling up the on-line registration forms, the head of the organization shall be scheduled for interview by the Coordinator of OSA or his/her authorized representative and/or the VCSA.

Org officers (minimum of 3) are required for a brief 15-20 minute meeting with the head and/or staff of OSA. It is a way for the office to verify the accuracy of the information provided by the orgs in the Bukluran database and to get to know the organization. The officers must prepare a short presentation (about 5-7 minutes) of the activities that the org has accomplished the prior year and its plans for the coming year. The personal appearance is also a way for the officers to ask for clarifications regarding matters on student activities and air their concerns on the administration of their respective organizations.

(Please see next tabs for the PA online scheduler).


During the academic year, there will be seminars, conferences, and other educational, as well as cultural and social activities which the student organizations shall be advised to attend activities shall be credited towards their next year’s registration.

  1. Leadership Seminar* In keeping with the emphasis of UP education on student leadership, all heads of student orgs are required to attend the leadership training seminar (LTS). The University Student Council (USC), as the highest student representative body in the university, coordinates and conducts the LTS after consultation with the students on the topics of interest and relevance to be taken up in the seminar.
  2. Kasarian 101 and/or 102. UP upholds gender equality and gender rights as basic human rights. Student orgs are required to attend the Kasarian 101 and/or Kasarian 102 conducted by the Diliman Gender Office (DGO) to remind them of their responsibility to be free from gender bias and avoid discriminatory remarks, content and actions in their planning, promotion and participation in student org-related projects and activities.

Notarized Constitution and By-Laws

All new and returning organizations must submit notarized copy of their constitution and by-laws.

General Guidelines on Registration and Renewal of Student Organizations

Any Student Organization seeking registration must apply at the Office of Student Activities (OSA), Vinzons Hall Annex.

University-registered Organizations A.Y. 16-17

University - Registered Student Orgs AY 15-16

College - Registered Student Orgs

College of Architecture

College of Engineering

College of Mass Communication

National College of Public Administration and Governance


Org. Cluster



Organized according to academic departments and subjects and aimed at raising awareness and pursuing greater knowledge on these fields of specialization of interest.


Confederation of two or more registered student organizations sharing common interests and ideals.


Organizations engaged in particular advocacy pertaining to human rights, social, political and environmental issues and concerns and related matters.

Community Service

Organizations concerned with service to the community, engaging in social action and raising awareness through an inter-disciplinary perspective.

Dormitory Association

Organization of campus dormitory residents.


Cohesive all-male group guided by long-entrenched ideals and traditions of brotherhood.


An association of students who share either language, lineage or hometown which aims to promote socio-cultural awareness.


Organized according to religious affiliation, and spiritual practices.


Cohesive all-female group guided by long-entrenched ideals and traditions of sisterhood.

Special Interest

Organizations that serve as an avenue for like-minded individuals which facilitate socio-cultural exchange and promote the development of specialized skills.

Sports and Recreation

Engaged in sports, physical fitness programs and/or activities.