Organized Students Program

Org. Registration

Vinzons Hill Tambayan Complex

Org. Activities


Requirements (vary) according to specific request:

  • Letter for the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs regarding the Proposed program and full description of the activity and different requests (required for all activity);
  • Letter of Consent from (new) adviser;
    Letter to the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs requesting for any type of selling and MOA with the different partners, co-partners or concessionaires.;
  • Application form for use of UP trademarks and logo, and printed picture of sample merchandise w/ logo;
  • Application form for use of university facilities and posting of tarpaulins, and sample tarpaulin with dimensions;
  • Letter of request to the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs when activity includes trucks or bus entry to the University. This should include the plate numbers and description of the specific trucks and buses;
  • List of applicants and Undertaking that the initiation rites and inductions comply with University rules and regulations. ;
  • Application form for request of grant from OICA;
  • Sample of poster to be posted;
  • College Venue reservation form;
  • Letter of Request to the Director of UPDP for police assistance; and/ or
  • Letter of Request to the Dean for use of College Facility.

Guide to Student Organized Activities

Other reminders:
  • Requests for activities are allowed after the organization has been duly registered for the Academic Year.
  • Moratorium of activities is two weeks before final exams.
  • The activity approval form is available at the OSA website.
  • The Certificate of Registration is given only once. It is your responsibility to keep it in safe place.
  • The accomplished activity approval form is a requirement for the stamping of teasers and posters of all student org activities.
  • The schedule for stamping of teasers and posters is 9:00am – 4:00pm only.
  • The promotion of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and harmful drugs in your activities are not allowed. Please be more selective in your choice of sponsors.

Reiteration from:
17 June 2003 Guidelines
Prof. Ma. Theresa M. Jazmines
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Updated AY 2015-16


Types of Activities

In terms of Venue
  • In-campus.
    Activities to be conducted inside the UP Diliman Academic Grounds.
    Any student organization who wishes to conduct an activity inside the University must submit a properly accomplished Activity Request Form (AAF) to OSA following the schedules of submission to ensure availability of signatories and venue.
  • Off- campus.
    Activities to be conducted outside UP Diliman (regions or provinces), including those outside the academic grounds like UP-Ayala Techno Hub, UP Town Center, Brgy. UP campus, other Universities, Mall (near UP Diliman) venue.
    Any organization who will conduct their activity outside the University must submit to OSA a properly accomplished AAF with approval of the adviser of the off-campus venue and confirmation that the adviser/s or his/her designated representative shall be physically present during the event.

In terms of Objectives/Purpose
  • Academic Activities; activities that promote learning, critical thinking appreciation and research development.
    Cultural Events. Exhibits, Plays, etc.
    Symposia, Conferences, workshops, seminars, forums, Educational discussions, tutorials or lectures with academic nature
    Contests, Quiz bee, etc.
    Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE)
  • Advocacy and Campaigns; activities that actualizes the core objectives of the org and benefits the welfare of the community.
    Non-IGP Symposia, Conferences, workshops, seminars, tutorials or lectures with non-academic nature.
    Free Film Showing
    Blood-letting/ Drive
    Publicity and Information Dissemination Drives (re. Org. Advocacy)
    Job Fair
    Falsh mobs, mobilizations, etc.
  • Extension Services; activities not related to the original nature of the org but upholds the mission and vision of the University.
    Free Symposia, workshops, seminars, tutorials or lectures; host community members as participants
    Conduct of Educational Discussions, Medical / Dental Missions
  • Organization's Capacity Building Activities; activities that contribute tot he org's growth and development. Symposia, Conferences, workshops, seminars, tutorials or lectures; org. members as participants.
  • Membership Development; Org. Orientation, Recruitment Week, Application Process, Induction, etc. Sports / Health Development. Palaro, Sportsfest, Tournaments etc.
  • Socials; Anniversary Party, Open Tambayan, Grand Pakain, etc. Fundraising. Concerts, film showing, rummage sale, brand sale, merchandise sale, booksale, Bingo, Raffle, etc.

Let us make this year academically and socially satisfying for all of us.

Please follow the guidelines to avoid unnecessary expenses and efforts.

Please visit and read our website for additional information and opportunities for your organizations.

  1. Properly fill out the activity request form (AAF) with the required information and description of the activity. Please note that the Project Head's name appearing in the form shall be the contact person for the approving offices and will be contacted if there are clarifications regarding the activity.
  2. It is required that the AAF be duly approved and signed by the adviser before submission to OSA.
    Electronic signatures of the adviser will not be honored. In the event that the adviser is not available, the organization may look for additional faculty adviser provided that the new faculty adviser shall approve the duties and responsibilities as a faculty adviser and the org must submit to OSA an accoplished form of the “Letter of Consent” from the new faculty adviser.

    • For College-resgistered organizations, the AAF must be approved/ signed by the College Secretary or the Assoc. Dean for Student Affairs or the College OSA Coordinator.
  3. The AAF shall be submitted to OSA for the Coordinator to attest that the requesting organization is duly registered for the Academic year and are entitled to the benefits given to registered organizations.
  4. The AAF shall then be submitted (by OSA) to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA) for the approval of the activity and endorsement of the requests.
  5. Upon approval of the VCSA of the activity, the AAF shall be submitted to offices for the approval of the specific requests.
    • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affair (OVCCA) for the use of University facilities and posting of tarpaulins, and, for Brand Sale or any other selling of merchandise within the campus.
    • Technology Transfer and Business Development Office (TTBDO) for use of the UP Logo, trademark etc.
      Dean of College for use of College facilities.
  6. Visit the AAF Trak site. Type the name of your org and search for your activity. If you know your AAF Trak Number you may use it instead of Org's name. If status is "Available for Pick-up" your AAF is already at the OSA and any officer or member can come to claim.