May 31, 2017 - deadline for the submission of hard copies of proposals for events / projects scheduled from August to October 2017
Results for Tambayan Committee Election


Photo Contest of the Silk-road Universities Network 2017

This competition is open to all students of SUN-member universities with a maximum of five (5) photos per applicant. The deadline for applications is on 31 August 2017, Thursday, wherein the recipient of the Grand Prize will be invited to the award ceremony which will be held at Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. There will be full payment of the expenses by the SUN. You may visit for further information regarding this event.

1st Semester


  • Prep for Org Orientation
  • Orientation for Student Organizations, Fraternities and Sororities (1st batch and 2nd batch)


  • Orientation for Student Organizations, Fraternities and Sororities (3rd batch)
  • Org Registration: submission of requirements
  • Personal Appearance/ Interview for org registration


  • Tambayan Committee Election
  • Last day/end of Org Personal Appearance for org registration
  • Awarding of Certificates for Registered Organizations


  • Faculty Org Adviser's Forum
  • Fraternity Summit
  • OSA Strategic Planning (tentative)
  • Planning & Preparation for USC Elections


  • Org Summit
  • Last day for Org Activities for 1st Sem
  • Tambayan Renewal / Application


  • Tambayan Applicants Assessment

2nd Semester


  • Awarding of Tambayan
  • Resumption of Org Activities for 2nd Semester
  • USC Elections: Call for volunteers
  • USC Elections: Logistical Preparations


  • USC Elections: Training of volunteers (3 training sessions)
  • USC Elections: Call for elections
  • USC Elections: USC Elections: Call for Student Org. Partners
  • USC Elections: USEB meeting with CSEBs for an Orientation on the Revised Student Election Code, electronic balloting and other matters related to the USC Elections
  • Sorority Summit
  • USC Feb Fair


  • USC Elections: Filing of certificates for candidacy
  • USC Elections: USEB Meetings for deliberation of candidates, to act on protests,
  • USC Elections: Training of Halalan Personnel
  • USC Elections: Precinct Inspection
  • USC Elections: Encoding of Candidates and Electors
  • USC Elections: Stamping of approved Election posters
  • USC Elections: Release of Publicity Materials
  • USC Elections: Official Campaign Period
  • Kule Ed. Exam: BOJ Meeting for preparations and deliberation of applicants
  • Kule Ed. Exam: Filing of application for Kule Ed. Examinations


  • USC Elections:  Logistics Prod.
  • USC Elections: Special Elections
  • USC Elections: Miting-de-Avance
  • USC Elections: Election Day and Canvassing of votes
  • Philippine Collegian Editorial Exam
  • Moratorium on Org. Activities


  • Filing of documents and reports


  • Transition from incumbent to incoming USC
  • Turn-over and affirmation ceremony
  • Orientation workshop for the incoming USC
  • Start of Early Org. Registration
  • Resumption of Org Activities for Mid-year Term


  • Ronda Tambayan


  • Activity Requests
  • Vinzons Hall Venue requests
  • Stamping of approved Publicity Materials/ Posters

Annual support

  • Freshman Orientation Programming
  • Freshman Welcome Assembly
  • Lantern Parade
  • Chancellor's Reception for International Students