Vinzons Hall Venue Reservation

Vinzons’ Hall Venue Reservation Guidelines

(For August 2017 to December 2018 only)

  1. Only duly-registered students or student organizations may reserve and use any of the Vinzons Hall activity rooms (Alcantara Hall, Activity Center, Rooftop), and the Lorena Barros Hall (LBH). Priority shall be given to registered University-wide student organizations;

  2. Check the Vinzons Hall Venue Reservation Calendar at OSA(at the office or website) for the availability of your preferred venue.

    Please note that:

  • For the use of Alcantara Hall: each org will only be given a maximum of 8 hrs per month (4 hrs for college-based orgs) to give equal chance to other U-wide orgs to use this facility;

  • NO organization or student can reserve more than three (3) consecutive full days of use for the other venues. College-based orgs and individual students can only reserve and use any of the venues up to two (2) times a week.

  • OSA can make changes or cancellations to the reservation in cases of official activities or emergencies. In these cases, an alternative venue is provided unless the notice is made at least a week ahead of time and ensuring that the organization can make necessary rearrangements.

  1. Fill out the Vinzons Hall Venue Reservation form with an Activity Approval Form (AAF) to ensure that your activity is recorded in your org’s Bukluran line-up of activities. Both forms can be downloaded at (click the tab ‘Organized Students Program’). For all venues except for the LBH,signatures must also be obtained from any USC member.

  2. College-based orgs or individual students who wish to use any of the Vinzons’ Hall venues must secure your College Secretary/Associate Dean for Student Affairs/College OSA Coordinator’s signature to certify your registration status.

  3. The list of requirements/necessary letters to process your reservation is also found at the OSA website. Please ensure that the necessary letters/requirements are attached with the form to facilitate your request/reservation and avoid delays.

  4. An Overtime Fee (OT) for the Custodial Staff shall be charged for the following:

  • P50.00/hr if the activity is within 4 pm to 9 pm (Monday to Friday)
  • P50.00/hr from 8 am to 9 pm (Saturday)

The use of venues during holidays is subject to the availability of staff. Overtime Fee (OT) must be paid at OSA at least 1 day before the date of your activity, especially if the activity falls on a Saturday or holiday. Failure to do so means cancellation of the reservation.

  1. The use of all Vinzons Hall venues is for student activities directly related to the nature and objective of the organization, and which will benefit the studentry. Reserving and using any of the venues in behalf of person(s) not associated with the University or for personal monetary gain will not be tolerated. Likewise, this applies to registered students or organizations reserving any of the venues in behalf of unregistered students and organizations.

All acts of misconduct will be subjected to the corrective measures as outlined in the 2012 Code of Student Conduct of UP Diliman.