The Bukluran program will be opened a few weeks before the start of every semester's registration.
For new or returning orgs, you are required to submit three forms to secure a Bukluran account.
Once it is made accessible, log onto your organization's Bukluran account and fill-up the required information. Most forms can be filled online while some will need to be printed out. You may find the details of each form's information under the "Requirements" tab:
  • Form 1.1 - Faculty Adviser/s. (Print OSA Form 10, and submit a hard copy)
  • Form 2 - Financial Statement. ( via Bukluran by out-going Officers)
  • Forms 3 and 4 - Officer and Member Roster.

Note :

Use webmail Address (e.g.,, no dots (.)and/or underscores (_)to be able to upload i.d.s

Upload UP I.D. of officers and members in .jpg or .png file format. No Form 5s.

For the confirmation, print (print screen) one copy of completed Form 3 and 4 for the signature of officers and members. E-signatures are not accepted.*For new orgs: 20 Officers and members with i.d. and signature. For renewing orgs: 15 officers and members with i.d. and signature.

After completing the required forms, drop by OSA to schedule your Org's Personal Appearance.  During the Personal Appearance you may submit all other requirements such as Notarized Constitution and By-Laws, confirmation of Officers and Members and certificates from seminars attended.

General Guidelines on Registration and Renewal of Student Organizations

Any Student Organization seeking University-registration must apply at the Office of Student Activities (OSA), Vinzons Hall Annex.

University-Registered Orgs AY 2018-19

University - Registered Orgs  AY 2017 -  18

University - Registered Student Orgs AY 16-17

University - Registered Student Orgs AY 15-16

College - Registered Student Orgs

College of Architecture

College of Engineering

College of Mass Communication

National College of Public Administration and Governance

CSSP based Org AY 2018-19

School of Economics Registered Organization AY 2018-19

(Definition)Org. Cluster


Organized according to academic departments and subjects and aimed at raising awareness and pursuing greater knowledge on these fields of specialization of interest.


Confederation of two or more registered student organizations sharing common interests and ideals.


Organizations engaged in particular advocacy pertaining to human rights, social, political and environmental issues and concerns and related matters.

Community Service

Organizations concerned with service to the community, engaging in social action and raising awareness through an inter-disciplinary perspective.

Dormitory Association

Organization of campus dormitory residents.


Cohesive all-male group guided by long-entrenched ideals and traditions of brotherhood.


An association of students who share either language, lineage or hometown which aims to promote socio-cultural awareness.


Organized according to religious affiliation, and spiritual practices.


Cohesive all-female group guided by long-entrenched ideals and traditions of sisterhood.

Special Interest

Organizations that serve as an avenue for like-minded individuals which facilitate socio-cultural exchange and promote the development of specialized skills.

Sports and Recreation

Engaged in sports, physical fitness programs and/or activities. There are two (2) types of student organizations according to membership: A University-wide organization has a majority of its members (50%+1) enrolled in different colleges. A College-based organization has a majority of its members (50%+1) enrolled in one college.

Registration Frequently Asked Questions
(use ctrl+F to search for your topic)
Registration Process
Can the organization finish all the requirements during the last week of registration? Can they finish the registration period within a week? Yes and no. It is possible for some organizations to finish the registration process in three days and this would be considered the ideal situation. However, experience has shown that it is usually only possible for some orgs who have previous officers constantly updating and consistently submitting all the requirements during their term. Therefore, almost half of the registration requirements are already submitted to OSA.

To ensure the registration of the organization, the officers must be always updated regarding OSA announcements. OSA opens the Bukluran as early as possible to avoid congesting the servers and to give ample time to fill all required information.

Will there be an extension for the registration period? No. We only give extensions in notable cases to give consideration to other events/activities that disrupted the regular registration period, e.g. during the academic calendar shift of 2014-2015. Most of the requirements (LTS, GST, Accomplishment report, Financial report) should have been attended to and submitted to the OSA during the previous year. Also, instead of extensions, OSA has opted to open the Bukluran earlier (usually during  mid-year term) to allow the outgoing officers to help the incoming officers with the reports, requirements and forms.
Is the registration an absolute step-by-step process? No. The office would like to save as much as time as possible especially since there are classes during the registration period. The officers can therefore simultaneously answer, submit and attend requirements for the registration. However, we suggest to submit your requirements altogether to easily keep track of your files.

The organization should also include the registration process in their annual calendar of activities to avoid encountering problems or issues when requesting for endorsement of activities during the first semester.

Can we provide two email addresses for the point person and other announcements? Yes. The Bukluran program actually requests for two email addresses. Please make sure that your org's provided email addresses are current. We have received numerous mailer daemons and errors regarding wrong emails.
Why are we always not informed regarding new announcements on available GST/ LTs/ or other activities? All forms of information dissemination will have its flaws, however, OSA has exerted all efforts to reach students by having a readily accessible and constantly updated website and an active SNS account.
I'm interested in registering an organization that is an international partnership club. Will the organization registration process be any different for my case such as having additional requirements and what not? No. We have the same procedures and guidelines for those who wish to be University-registered org.
I would just like to inquire regarding some difficulties with accessing the org recognition site. 1. We try to address technical concerns as soon as we can, however, we do not have in-house programmers who can directly resolve these issues. Rest assured we are informed of the problems/issues and in consideration of these concerns, give ample time for the registration.

We suggest that you access and answer the Bukluran in advance which is already accessible during the mid-year term.

2. We are no longer using the term “recognition” since the approval of the 2012 Student Code which uses the term “registration” instead.

I'm part of a college-based organization, and so, while we were trying to complete the requirements through Bukluran, our College Secretary told us that the requirements should be submitted to him since we are a college-based org, i.e. he will be the one to 'handle' the process (passing the retirements to OSA etc.) The filling-up of Bukluran forms is for the University registration of student organizations. If you are a college-based org., you should follow the process and requirements of your College. You have the option to register your organization both with the college and with OSA. This is an option and is not required.
I am experiencing a problem regarding OSA Form 2 (Financial Statement). It won't let me input the org's starting cash balance and would always lead to an error page upon saving our amount. Is there any solution to this problem or is there any substitute for this form perhaps? Please input your org's expenses and revenues before stating your org's starting cash balance.

Please be also reminded that the starting cash balance must be the amount turned-over to the outgoing officers and not the amount turned over for this incoming Academic Year.

You may ask your outgoing officers to answer this form since it is essentially a report during their term.

How can we directly print forms 3 and 4? Is there a direct command on the page or should we create a document with the same information in forms 3 and 4, have that printed and have them sign it instead? Print however you can:

- ctrl+P

- copy and paste to new document

- print screen

- use third party app. for printing

Please do not disarrange the list to your discretion.

Printing the Forms 3 and 4 page directly enables us to check the list faster and easier, so that we can cater to more organizations during the registration period.

The list of officers and members submitted to OSA not printed directly from Bukluran shall be encoded to Bukluran (by available OSA staff) only after the registration period. Your organization shall be on pending status until completion of the encoding process.

The only accepted UP webmail is @upd but our adviser has a @up webmail account only. How can I add her as our org adviser if her up webmail is invalid?

Our faculty adviser does not receive any confirmation email?

For years, we are no longer using the “Send Confirmation Email” due to unsolvable technical issues. Please follow instructions as announced and stated here on our website.

OSA will not acknowledge certifications/letters from faculty advisers emailed or messaged to us.

I would like to ask how will I change the name of our organization in the form 1 of the org recognition requirements? I cannot edit this part. Please write a formal letter addressed to the OSA Coordinator regarding the request to change the org's name and the reason for the request.
Bukluran Credentials
We forgot our bukluran password. (sorry). Can you help us out? Please fill out the Official Org Representative Form. We send the temporary password through the different emails of the officers of the organization, however, there is an option for the organization to change the temporary password. Please make sure to inform other officers and members working on your Bukluran account regarding the changes.
How do we acquire a new user name and password for our organization's Bukluran account? Our previous officer has unfortunately lost his/her copy of the org's user name and password. Please fill up these two forms and submit to OSA as soon as possible:

- Official Org rep Cert. (for lost passwords)

- OSA Form 10 Responsibilities of the Adviser

We send the temporary password through the different emails of the officers of the organization. However, there is an option for the organization to change the temporary password. Please make sure to inform other officers and members working on your Bukluran account regarding the changes.

Do we have to get another set of user name and password to gain access to Bukluran? Or should we use the same user name and password as last year? You may still continue to use your password from the last Academic Year if you were officially registered.
How do we get an account for an alliance? Same process with student organizations.
When can an organization get their new password for their online Bukluran Account? Upon submission and approval of the list of officers and/or letter of intent. The password shall be sent to the list of emails endorsed by the adviser.
Do we need to include all our officers in the request form or will one representative do ? Yes. We send the temporary password through the different emails of the officers of the organization, however, there is an option for the organization to change the temporary password. Please make sure to inform other officers and members working on your Bukluran account regarding the changes.
Registration requirements
Are we required to submit photocopies of i.d.s and Form 5s of the officers and members of the organization? No. Since the use of Bukluran in 2009, OSA no longer requires the submission of Form 5s. Simply scan your UP i.d.s (you may use your mobile phone to take photo files) and upload them directly to Bukluran, using DilNet Wifi connection. This will be easier and less costly for you rather than photocopying each Form 5 and I.D., which only accumulates at the office. After uploading the scanned i.d.s, the relevant page(s) will be printed for the members to countersign.

While we do not necessarily require form 5s or validated i.d.s at the outset, it is strongly advised that you always check the academic registration status of your officers and members. If OSA finds an officer or member who is not an official student of the University for the current Academic Year, the organization shall suffer the consequences as outlined in the UPD Code of Student Conduct.

We have also received reports of persons acting as UP students to get into organizations while embezzling money from fellow applicants and some members. Please give priority to the safety of your officers and members before the quantity of your recruits.

We are not receiving emails for the confirmation of officers and members.

The confirmation button at the Bukluran website is not working.

The confirmation buttons are no longer working and we have always asked for a printed copy of the Forms 3 and 4 with signatures of the officers and members as proof of their confirmation. This is stated in this website and in the orientation. 

Print one copy of the completed Forms 3 and 4 for the signature of officers and members. To print, you can try any of the following: a) use print screen, b) use a third party app to print screen, c) use ctrl+p, or d) click the printer button provided by your browser.

E-signatures as confirmation of officers and members are not accepted (since 2009).

For new orgs: 20 Officers and members with i.d. (@Bukluran) and signature (@ printed copy.)

For renewing orgs: 15 officers and members with i.d. (@Bukluran) and signature (@ printed copy.)

UP I.D.s file format is not accepted by the Bukluran. To solve this issue:

  • Use the UPD webmail address (e.g.,, no dots (.)and/or underscores (_) in the username. For example, if your UPD webmail address is, your username would be "jrdelacruz"
  • Upload UP I.D. of officers and members in .jpg or .png file format

Uploaded Form 5s are deleted or ignored.

Are there Gender Sensitivity Training (GST) and Leadership Training Seminar (LTS) scheduled during the registration period which the officers of the organization should attend? LTSs and GSTs are usually conducted after, not during, the registration period. Org officers or members should have attended the LTSs and GSTs during the previous academic year and before the following A.Y.s registration period so the org can submit the requirements during registration.

New organizations and those under probation shall attend the GSTs and LTSs only upon starting the registration process.

The previous officers of the organization did not submit the AAFs of the organization's activities. The current set of officers can make an AAF for the Accomplishment Report of the organization.

Attach a letter addressed to the OSA Coordinator regarding the reason for non-submission of the previous officers.

Make sure to have it signed by the (Senior) faculty adviser of the organization.

I would like to inquire as to how many officers are required to make a Personal Appearance for the fulfillment of the Org. Recognition process? Only a minimum of three (3) and maximum of five (5) officers due to the limited space of our rooms.

Make sure to be mentally ready for different possible questions regarding your organization. There are no correct or wrong answers but it can possibly reflect the intention of the officers for the organization.

Please make sure to bring other requirements such as the Adviser's Letter of Consent and/ or confirmation of officers and members, if this has not yet submitted.

As our organization is not part of the list of registered organizations, we would like to ask if it is still possible for our organization to be registered for the second semester? And if so, may I know what are our lacking requirements? Only organizations which have started the registration process during the first semester can fully complete their registration during the second semester. New applications will not be entertained during the second semester. 

The registration for 1st sem is from the start of classes and until 30 days/ 1 month after.

The completion for registration for 2nd sem starts on the first day of classes until 15 working days after.

As for the lacking requirements, you may check your Bukluran account for verification.

For Form 1 email address of President/Chairperson, should it be of the current or incoming Chairperson for AY 17-18? If you are answering during the mid year-term A.Y. 2016-17, please write the email address of the Chairperson/ President for A.Y. 2017-18.
Faculty Adviser/s
Can the faculty adviser of the organization be someone unrelated academically to the org? Yes, as long as s/he supports the advocacy of the organization and be willing to undertake the responsibility.
Are we only allowed to get “Professors” as our Faculty Adviser? How about Lecturers? Currently, only full-time Instructors, Asst./ Assoc. and Professors are allowed to be “Senior” faculty Advisers.

Lecturers, Senior lecturers, part-time Instructors, REPS with teaching load, and visiting professors are allowed to be “Junior” Advisers.

The organization can have as many advisers as they can get. The org should have at least one (1) Senior Faculty adviser as the minimum.

The Faculty Adviser may come from different colleges as long as they support the endeavors of the organization and they are agreeing to undertake the responsibilities stipulated in OSA Form 10: Letter of Consent for Faculty Advisers.

How will the faculty advisers be informed about information and other announcements? It is part of the responsibility of the organization to keep their adviser/s updated. OSA ensures that all announcements are posted on its website and is re-posted and linked through its SNS accounts. You may also give the ARFTrak link from this website to your adviser to continuously update them about your org's activities. 
Should there be questions regarding University-registration of student organizations not answered here on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us through the form below.


     The following forms are to be submitted as hard copies:
    OSA Form 10 Responsibilities of the adviser
    New org letter of intent(for new accounts and returning orgs)
    Official Org rep Cert.(For bukluran password generation or regeneration)

    Registration Forms

    The registration forms shall be filled-up online (unless indicated otherwise) through the use of the Bukluran Program or any other similar program, as per approval of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

    • Form 1 - Information Sheet. Contains all pertinent information describing the organization. This includes the organizations full name, acronym, date established/ founding date, category (see Org Clusters), incorporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mailing address or tambayan, permanent and head's email addresses, and Org description/ vision/ mission.

    Form 1.1 - Faculty Adviser/s. The faculty adviser is any full- time member of the UP Diliman Faculty or REPS with teaching load, consenting to the following responsibilities:

    1. Assume full responsibility for the performance and activity of the organization;
      1. Be present during all activities, or, if not available, will send a representative in her/his stead;
      2. Monitor closely the activities of the organization;
    2. Conduct monthly dialogue/conference/lecture, etc. with the officers and members of the organization on topics of value and interest to them (copy of the activities to be submitted to OSA);
    3. In case the organization violates the rules and regulations of the University, S/He will assist in locating the violator(s);
    4. In case the members of the organization are victims of any confrontation, S/He will discourage retaliatory action;
    5. In case the members of the organization of which S/He is an adviser are the erring ones, will accompany them to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs for the truce; and
    6. Perform other responsibilities stated in the Organization’s Constitution and by-laws.
      (Print OSA Form 10, and submit a hard copy)
    • Form 2 - Financial Statement. A brief report of the finances of the organization.
      • For organizations that are financially supported by other units (e.g. church, alumni, scholarship, etc.) statement of the organization's expenses shall be listed and the donor or source of funding should be specified.
        ( via Bukluran)
    • Forms 3 and 4 - Officer and Member Roster; updated roster of all officers and members for the current academic year, Official UP email Address (e.g., , Alternate Email Address, Position, Contact Number, Student Number (e.g. 2000-00001), Course (e.g., BS Mathematics) and College (e.g., College of Science). Upload UP I.D. of officers and members in .jpg or .png file format.
      (via Bukluran. For the confirmation, print one copy of completed Form 3and 4 for the signature of officers and members. E-signatures are not accepted.)
    • Form 5 - Accomplishment Report; list of short narrative report of projects or activities undertaken during the previous Academic Year (including Mid-Year Term) as recorded through the submitted Activity Approval Forms.
      (via AAF Trak)
    • Form 6 - Calendar of Activities; proposed schedule of activities or projects to be undertaken during the current Academic Year (including Mid Year Term).
      (via Bukluran)
    • Form 7 – Acknowledgment; this form certifies to the correctness and completeness of the documents submitted by the organization for their registration.
      (via Bukluran)

    Note: Any change in the above information must be reported within one (1) week to the OSA. The officers shall be held liable under the provisions covering the 2012 Code of Student Conduct for failure to comply with the requirements and/or any misrepresentation or submission of any false information in the registration process.

    Org Orientation

    All organizations MUST attend the orientation.

    The orientation is a half-day seminar designed to introduce and inform the student orgs of the procedures and processes for org registration by the Office of Student Activities (OSA). Representatives from other administrative units, such as the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Community Affairs (OVCCA), and Technology Transfer and Brand Development Office (TTBDO), which are involved in the processing and approval of activity requests are also present to inform and explain to the student orgs the guidelines of their respective offices. It is also a venue for the students to directly ask questions and seek clarifications from the relevant offices on registration procedures and activity requests approval.

    We require the head of the org to be the one to attend the orientation, or if s/he’s not available, the next highest-ranking officer. We require the attendance of the highest-ranking officer(s) because of the nature and objective of the orientation. It is expected that they can immediately and effectively communicate the concerns of the organization to the offices and relay the response to their members.

    Personal appearance (by appointment)

    After filling up the online registration forms, the head of the organization shall be scheduled for interview by the Coordinator of OSA or his/her authorized representative and/or the VCSA.

    Org officers (minimum of 3) are required for a brief 15-20 minute meeting with the head and/or staff of OSA. It is a way for the office to verify the accuracy of the information provided by the orgs in the Bukluran database and to get to know the organization. The officers must prepare a short presentation (about 5-7 minutes) of the activities that the org has accomplished the prior year and its plans for the coming year. The personal appearance is also a way for the officers to ask for clarifications regarding matters on student activities and air their concerns on the administration of their respective organizations.


    During the academic year, there will be seminars, conferences, and other educational, as well as cultural and social activities which the student organizations shall be advised to attend. The attendance in these seminars shall be credited towards their next year’s registration. Two (2) representatives per organization must complete the training seminars for them to be credited. Presently, there are two types of seminars which are required for registration:

    1. Leadership Training Seminar* In keeping with the emphasis of UP education on student leadership, all heads of student orgs are required to attend the leadership training seminar (LTS). Usually, the University Student Council (USC), as the highest student representative body in the university, coordinates and conducts the LTS after consultation with the students on the topics of interest and relevance to be taken up in the seminar.
    2. Kasarian 101 and/or 102 (Gender Sensitivity Training Seminar). UP upholds gender equality and gender rights as basic human rights. The Diliman Gender Office (DGO) has an institutionalized training seminar conducted every September. The seminars remind the students of their responsibility to be free from gender bias and avoid discriminatory remarks, content and actions in their planning, promotion and participation in student org-related projects and activities.

    Notarized Constitution and By-Laws

    All new and returning organizations must submit notarized copy of their constitution and by-laws.