About OSA

Dr. Ma. Althea T. Enriquez

 College of Arts and Letters

Ms. Ester M. Mendoza

Administrative Aide VI

Ms. Regienna Mariella "Maki" C. De Jesus

Administrative Officer II

Mr. Angelo "Angel" A. Tobias

Administrative Aide III

Front Desk

Research and Extension

 Ms. Ma. April "April" L. Estanes

University Researcher II



A student­ friendly office that provides a safe space which enables and empowers the students in systematic, transparent and efficient formation and individual development.


To serve as the central coordinating body of university- ­wide student activities which promotes and enhances the academic development and social well ­being of the students.


  • The Office of Student Activities' creation was approved during the 1069th Meeting of the Board of Regents held on 28 July 1993. OSA is a merger of the previous Student Activity Center (SAC) and the International Students Program (ISP).
  • The Student Activity Center then became the General Students Program or GSP. Through the GSP, OSA attended to the concerns of all students regarding Student Activities, Organizations, Student Leadership.
  • Until December 2016, through the International Students Program or ISP, the OSA attended to the concerns of international students enrolled in UP Diliman, regarding admission, visas, and study permits. OSA kept track of their academic progress through the required submission of grades every semester. With UP's efforts to increase new partnerships with other international Universities and institutions, the administration has centralized all functions and processes related to international matters through the creation of the Diliman Office of International Linkages.
  • OSA currently administers and supervises the registration of about 200 University-registered Student Organizations through the Organized Students Program (OSP); and primarily coordinates matters involved in the University Student Council Elections and the Philippine Collegian Editorial Exam through its General Students Program (GSP).


  • 1959 - The International Students Program was established and was under the Office of the Foreign Student Adviser.
  • 1968 - The first full-time adviser was assigned as part of the Division of Counseling and Guidance.
  • 1972 - The first full-time director of the international Students Program under the Office of the Dean for Student Affairs was appointed.
  • 1990 - The Student Activities Center was established as a major service of the Office of Counseling and Guidance, and was headed by a Coordinator. It was conceived and nurtured by Prof. Luis Beltran and later by Prof. Oscar L. Evangelista.
  • July 28, 1993 - The Board of Regents, in its 1069th meeting, approved the creation of the Office of Student Activities out of the merger of the Student Activities Center (SAC) and the International Students Program (ISP), and the assignment of the administration of the University Student Council (USC) Elections and the Philippine Collegian test. It serves as the central planning and coordinating body for university – wide student activities in UP Diliman in order to enhance the academic and social well-being of the students. It has a two-pronged-program: one for the general studentry and another for foreign students.
  • 2007 - OSA is headed by its first faculty administrator.
  • 2016 - the ISP is transferred to the Diliman Office of International Linkages


(2014 - Present) Assoc. Prof. Ma. Althea T. Enriquez, PhD.
(2011 - 2014) Asst. Prof. Rommel B. Rodriguez, PhD.
(2007 - 2011) Prof. Oscar P. Ferrer, PhD.
(2006 - 2007) Ms. Belina T. Cuevas, Ed.D., RGC
(2001 - 2006) Ms. Rosalinda C. De Mesa, Ph.D., RGC
(1997 - 2001) Ms. Alma G. Tirona
(1994 - 1997) Ms. Rosalinda C. De Mesa, Ph.D., RGC


  • To plan and organize programs and activities for students to enhance their academic and social well being (e.g. lectures/seminar-workshops on study habits, stress management, value orientation, rights and obligations of students, leadership training, sports tournaments, concerts, community projects, etc.;
  • To oversee and coordinate activities undertaken by university organizations, including the University Student Council elections and Philippine Collegian Editorial Exam;
  • To process applications for registration filed by university-registered student organizations, sororities and fraternities;
  • To facilitate communication between the OVCSA and student organizations, sororities and fraternities;
  • To serve as liason between the University and outside groups requesting for UP student participation;
  • To assist the Inter-Fraternity Council in the mediation function and projects; and
  • To assist the Inter-Sorority Council in its projects for women.


  1. Processes applications for Student Organization’s University Registration
  2. Evaluate the previous year’s activity
    Evaluate the proposed calendar of activities for the incoming academic year
    Monitor the number of membership
    Interview the head and other officers of the organization
    Issues certificate of Registration; and
    Prepare the list of registered student organizations
    Processes applications for and awards tambayans;
  3. Facilitates meetings/ joint activities/ exchange of ideas among student organizations;
  4. Endorses requests for funding and use of University Facilities;
  5. Approves posting of activity/promo materials;
  6. Disseminates information on student activities, wards, contests; and
  7. Provides administrative support to the Philippine Collegian Editorial Examination and the University Student Council Elections.